E-news 7 March 2015
The Royal Yacht Club of Victoria (RYCV) is very proud to be hosting the 2015 Para World Sailing Championships, taking place in Williamstown, Australia.

Organisation is progressing well. Contractors have recently finished cleaning up and making good a large construction area, which has given us the site for the competitor centre. It will serve as a measurement area, registration and entertaining area, close to the water and the Clubhouse.

All our officials, the Measurement Team, the International Jury, the Classification Team, and the Race Officers are now confirmed by ISAF so everything is on track there. We have over 130 sailors and coaches registered already, with just under a week still to go until entries close. If you haven't entered yet, follow the links in this newsletter to make sure you have your entry in on time.

Don’t forget you also have the option of staying on to compete in the ISAF World Cup - Melbourne, almost straight after the IFDS Worlds. Make holiday of it and stay on in Melbourne, Victoria and Australia.

Please follow the links in this newsletter to find out more about the event, the Club, Williamstown and weather information. Bookmark these links so you can easily come back for the latest information.

Once again welcome to Williamstown and RYCV and we’ll see you in November.

Michael McLean
Chair, Organising Committee 2015 Para Worlds

Our new name
We have changed the name of the regatta to the 2015 Para World Sailing Championships.

With the IFDS becoming the Disabled Sailing Committee of ISAF, it was time to update the name of the event too. So the 2015 IFDS Worlds has become the 2015 Para World Sailing Championships.

But something that hasn't changed is the warm welcome you can expect at the RYCV in November.

Useful links

Contact details
Email: rycv@rycv.asn.au
Phone: + 61 3 9397 1277
Fax: + 61 3 9397 8169

120 Nelson Place
Williamstown VIC 3016
45 days to go!
There’s now only 45 days until the start of the 2015 Para World Sailing Championship, and the excitement is building.

The first entry was completed by Viktor Sadilek, as 2.4mR coach from the Czech Republic, well done Viktor. The first boat entered belongs to Rodolfo Quezada, a 2.4mR sailor from Guatemala.

Already, there are 27 entries in the 2.4mR class, 17 in the SKUD-18 class, and 14 in the Sonar class, plus 29 coaches, and we are expecting some more to come before entries close on 15 October. Click here to see who has entered so far.

Do you have enough insurance?
Clause 24 of the Notice of Race states that: “Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of $5 million (AUS) per event or the equivalent.”

Legal fees and breach of duty of care awards can be high in Australia, however. According to the insurance broker to Yachting Australia and Yachting Victoria, the legal profession would suggest a minimum cover of $10 million.

If needed, short term insurance is available by following this link. Or, there will be facility to obtain insurance on-site at RYCV, if you need to. Make sure you have the correct amount of insurance, though, as it will be on the registration checklist.

Coaches, bring your marine licence
In Victoria, every driver of a motor boat or a yacht with a motor must have a valid marine licence. However there are exemptions allowed to cover situations such as overseas coaches coming to an event like this - if you have an appropriate licence granted in your home country on board with you, and a translation (if it is not in English). You'll need proof of identity documents too. Read more about the marine licence requirements and the exemptions here.

A reminder about container storage
The Club has limited space for storage of containers during the event, and there will be a charge for storage outside of the event itself. Therefore, we recommend that containers be emptied and taken away, and the contents then reloaded into a new container at the end of the events.